Therecipe of the month

« Squid Flower, Celery, Livèche »

For 4 People :

  • Squid 500 g
  • 1 half Celery ball
  • 1 Bunch Livèche
  • Egg whites 300 g

Finely mix the squids with the egg whites, salt and pepper.
Spread your preparation on a plate that will go 5 minutes in the steam oven 203° Fahrenheit.

Wash and remove the celery ball from its bark, cut thin strips and cook for a few minutes in a bowl of water with butter.

Preparation of the Livèche Sauce:
Make a pretty lovage boot, Drain and mix with water to make a smooth juice.
Add this butter juice, season and reserve.
Finition :
Cut thin strips in your Squid mixture and roll them on themselves like a rose.
Brown the Squid flowers on one side and place one in the center of the plate.
Put on it, your slice of celery rolled up the same way.
Top your plate of Livèche sauce, add 5 loaves of lovage leaf that you have previously cut and 3 Jasmine flowers.
The Squid Flower, Celery, Livèche is ready.

Our Chef Sommelier advises you: :
Wine white Bourgogne: Meursault of Domaine François Mikulski.
“This Meursault will take you to buttered notes, yellow fruits and honey.
Its explosive attack and its aromatic richness will create a perfect alliance with this entry. “


Thewine of the month

Côte de Nuits-Villages

Brilliant ruby
Ripe and fresh wood berries with a chalky note
Mouth :
Sharp, slender attack, good volume in the middle of the mouth, vertical structure and fresh finish.